An Event co-organised by the VR Business Club and the VRBLN Focus, UVB and AOK Nordost at AOK Headquarters, Berlin.
A series of talks with the aim of discovering the variety of applications of immersive healthcare technologies in therapy, sports rehabilitation, health professionals training and patient education. Followed by workshops digging deeper into these topics and demo stations for trying out the exhibitors applications.

360degree Panoramas

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Highlights of the program
Welcome by the hosts and organizers

Maren Courage, CEO of the VR Business Club moderated and conducted the Q&A sessions for the following talks:

  • Keynote by Dr. Ilja Czernik - Counsel at SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte
  • Overview VR in psychotherapy, neurology, competitive sports and outlook. Lutz Mehlhorn, psychologist.
  • VR-based rehabilitation in professional sport. Dr. Taher Pham, Doctor, Co-Founder & CEO,
  • VR in nursing: past, present and future of interactive training. Jonathan Natzel, Managing Director, Weltenmacher GmbH.
  • MR / AR in Surgery with Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI). Nadja Parfenov, Marketing Manager, apoQlar.
  • ApoQlar: Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) - Intelligent software for surgeons based on mixed / augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Metronus. io: Metronus - A rehabilitation program with a markerless Movement tracking at the professional sports level, via gamification in Virtual and augmented reality is visualized and a location independent Orthopedic rehabilitation at the highest quality possible.
  • Vragments: VRΩ (Vromega) - a VR game where you look through the body the patient moves, tumours are discovered and treated with lasers.
  • VRNerds: HTC application for Beiersdorf Skin Journey "Nivea VR Experience" from Beiersdorf AG (HTC Vive), mobile VR application (Gear VR) from the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Magic Horizons - The Brighter Side of Virtual Reality: VR Experiences for Relaxation and Mental Health.
  • Workshop A: How to combat the care problem with VR or AR applications? - Jonathan Natzel, Managing Director, Weltenmacher / Boris Kantzow, Weltenmacher.
  • Workshop B: Legal issues in the context of immersive technologies in the healthcare sector. Dr. Ilja Czernik, Counsel, SKW Schwarz Attorneys at Law / Yvonne Schäfer, Counsel, SKW Schwarz Attorneys at Law: Medical apps as a medical device / Data protection / Data ownership.
  • Workshop C: What makes a good immersive healthcare application? Christian Grohganz, Project Manager, VRNerds