A VR Business Club event in cooperation with the Immersive Showroom at the Brandenburg Gate Museum.
How can we integrate our business meetings into the virtual space? That question served as the topic for this informative afternoon.

Event timeline
  • The event started with introductions and networking. In parallel there was a Virtual Reality demo by Begehungen.
  • Maren Courage, CEO of the VR Business Club began the presentation and moderated the whole event.
  • Marc Burgdorff from TRIAD who serves as General Manager of the 'Museum / Eventlocation' gave an introduction about this beautiful underground space that was put together by Triad in Pariser Platz. This is a hidden gem in the square, I have never been there before because of course the magnet is always the Brandenburg Gate itself and as you go and visit the gate the museum stays on your back and its very easy to miss. The multimedia space is a simple rectangular room with a glass ceiling. The room can be blacked-out for performances although the screens are also quite effective with the full zenithal light flooding the space. There is a 270° screen covering three out of the four walls of the room. This screen is made of 180 million pixels grouped in 87 HD-screens. The room is used for museum presentations and also as a corporate eventlocation.
  • Following Marc's brief introduction it was time for the main demo of the afternoon. Oliver Autumn - CEO of VR Business Club explained the already viable possibilities for conducting meetings in a virtual space. Then proceeded to put on his Oculus gear and demonstrated a virtual meeting with other VR Business Club members Nicholas Hafermaas from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, USA and Martin Respondek of DB Systel based in Frankfurt. The meeting was conducted using the platform "Facebook Spaces" and the participants were represented by avatars. We could see how this allowed not only audio and visual communication but also the interchange of physical assets and objects, even ice cream, in the virtual world.
  • After the demo Maren moderated a Q&A session which brought onto the stage members of the audience who are experts in different fields and businesses. We had an enriching discussion.